Angelique Bouchard


A crazed fangirl if there ever was one, Angelique is the witch who put the vampire curse on Barnabas. While working as a servant for Josette Collins, Angelique had a romance with Barnabas Collins and fell madly in love with him, literally. Unfortunately for both her and him, Barnabas did not return her affections as he was already in love with her mistress. The spurned young witch devoted all her magical powers to making the Collins family suffer and to finding a way to make Barnabas love her. When nothing worked, she doomed him to the folds of the undead with her dying breath.

But like Barnabas, Angelique didn’t rest in peace and returned in the 1960’s to once again plague his family. For a long while she was the greatest threat the Collins’ ever faced, until finally finding redemption when she rebelled against her teacher, a warlock with an even greater hatred for the Collins’ than she had ever had.

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