Van Helsing (2004)


Legendary monster hunter Van Helsing (X Men’s Wolverine, Hugh Jackman) finds himself up to his neck in danger when he faces the deadly Count Dracula, his sadistic brides, his deadly werewolf slave and the Frankenstein Monster.

Director Stephen Sommers lets loose his little boy’s love for the Universal Monster Mash movies and combines them with rip roaring action sequences and thrilling special effects, resulting in one giddy and fun ride!

Director: Stephen Sommers


Hugh Jackman

Kate Beckinsale

Richard Roxbrugh

David Wenham

Shuler Hensley

Kevin J. O’Conner

Will Kemp

Alun Armstrong

Tom Fisher

Robbie Coltrane

Elena Anaya

Silvia Colloca

Josie Maran

Samuel West


Van Helsing

Anna Valerious

Count Dracula


Frankenstein’s Monster



Mr Hyde

Aleera/Dracula’s Bride

Verona/Dracula’s Bride

Marishka/Dracula’s Bride

Dr. Victor Frankenstein



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