According to popular belief and folklore, as well as some vague hints in Bram Stoker’s classic novel, the mysterious vampire Count was once the legendary 15th century Romanian Prince Vlad the 3rd, also more infamously known as Vlad the Impaler, due to his uncontrollable bloodthirsty nature and barbaric war rituals.

This fearsome military figure was simultaneously celebrated for his victories and feared for his wrath, which gave rise to the legend of the Count becoming a vampire after his death and forever casting his dark shadow over the land.

In later years as the novel describes, the Count grew tired of roaming his ancient countryside and longed for the excitement and fresh blood of Victorian England and enlisted the help of the young solicitor Jonathan Harker to make his way there.

After the deal was set, he imprisoned Harker in his impenetrable castle with his three wanton Vampire Brides and taking Harker’s papers sailed back to England where he set his sights on Harker’s young bride to be Mina Murray and her soon to be betrothed friend Lucy Westenra.

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