Twilight (2008)


The current teen vampire phenomenon (adapted from the best selling book series by Stephenie Meyer), finds Bella; the new lost and confused girl in town, falling for the mysterious Edward Cullen; (a role that immortalized actor Robert Pattinson overnight), a tortured soul who can run like the wind, has the strength to stop a speeding car and just happens to be a vampire.

This first in the smash hit series launched a vampire pop culture tidal wave that has yet to slow down, as shown by the many sequels, ripoffs, merchandise, rabid fans and equally rabid haters.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke


Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner

Billy Burke

Sara Clarke

Kellen Lutz

Ashley Greene

Gil Burmingham

Ned Bellamy

Peter Facinelli

Cam Gigandet


Bella Swan

Edward Cullen

Jacob Black

Charlie Swan


Emmet Cullen

Alice Cullen

Billy Black

Waylon Forge

Dr. Carlisle Cullen


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