Nosferatu (1922)


One of, if not the most iconic vampire films of all time, this very first adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is still revered for some of the most famous and creepy images and sequences in film history.

To avoid copyright issues, names were changed and the story relocated to Germany, where the terrifying Count Orlok (played to freakish perfection by Max Schreck) spreads disease, death and madness to the townsfolk.

Director:  F. W. Murnau


Max Schreck

Gustav von Wangenhiem

Greta Schroder

Alexander Granach

Georg H. Schnell

Ruth Landshoff

John Gottowat

Gustav Botz

Max Nemetz

Wolfgang Heinz


Graf Orlok


Ellen Hutter

Knock, ein Hausermakler



Professor Bulwer ein Paracelsainer

Professor Sievers – der Stadtarzt

Kapitan der Demeter

Zweiter Kapitan

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