London After Midnight (1927)


After a rich man is murdered, his house is believed to be inhabited by mysterious and fearsome figures with sharp teeth and dead eyes

Icon of the silent horror screen, Lon Chaney made his grand genre swan song in Hollywood’s first vampire movie. Unfortunately lost to time, this is the Grail of silent cinema as no prints have survived. However many photographs and title cards did and have been assembled into a narrative gallery in Chaney’s film collection.

Director: Tod Browning


Lon Chaney

Marceline Day

Henry B Walthall

Percy Williams

Conrad Nagel

Polly Moran

Edna Tichenor

Claude King

Andy McLennan



Professor Edward C. Burke/Head Vampire

Lucille Balfour

Sir James Hamlin

Williams, Balfour’s Butler

Arthur Hibbs

Miss Smithson, the New Maid

Luna, Bat Girl

Roger Balfour

Batgirl’s Assistant

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