Twilight Series


Twilight (Book 1)

In the town of Forks; Washington, teenager Bella Swan falls madly in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen, only to discover that he and his entire family are vampires. Despite this, the two grow ever closer and Bella becomes determined to find a place in Edwards world. But can Edward protect her when a group of rogue vampires endanger her life?

New Moon (book 2)

After becoming convinced that he’ll eventually destroy Bella, Edward leaves her and disappears. Depressed and lonely, she latches onto her childhood friend Jacob Black. Bella receives yet another revelation when Jacob turns out to be a werewolf, and from a clan that is at odds with the Cullens. Once Bella is reunited with Edward, she is caught between her feelings for him and Jacobs newly professed love for her.

Eclipse (book 3)

While preparing for college, Bella and Edward become concerned over the vampire attacks taking place in Forks. It turns out a group of new vampires are being created for the purpose of exacting revenge on Bella. The vampires and the werewolves are forced to unite against this threat. But with Bella and Edward planning to marry, Jacob finds himself unable to hold back his feelings any longer.

Breaking Dawn (book 4)

Edward and Bella marry, but a perfect honeymoon is cut short when Bella becomes pregnant; an impossible feat for vampires. The possibility of what the child will become stirs the vampire world into turmoil. And with her life at stake, Edward may have no choice but to make Bella into a vampire after all.

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