The Vampire Diaries


the vampire diaries
It’s high school meets monsters in this series of young adult novels about popular girl Elena Gilbert and her tumultuous relationships with the dreamy Stefan and the dangerous Damon, two feuding vampire brothers. Secrets are exposed, lives are threatened and hearts beat fast as this triangle carries on.

The Awakening

Popular high school girl Elena Gilbert finds herself drawn to new student Stefan Salvatore. When Stefan is suspected of multiple murders taking place in town, Elena confronts him, only to discover that he is a vampire. However, the plot thickens when it turns out to be Stefan’s brother Damon who is responsible for the murders. Like Stefan, Damon is also a vampire, and also harbours a dangerous attraction to Elena.

The Struggle

Picking up where the first book left off, Elena searches for a missing Stefan, finding him just in time to save him from death. But danger only grows as Elena’s diary falls into the wrong hands, it’s contents capable of branding Stefan a murderer. The only hope seems to come from the ever threatening Damon, who in exchange for his help demands a high price; Elena’s blood.

The Fury

Elana recoils from the shock of becoming a vampire as Stefan and Damon Salvatore fight for her love. Finally all three of them come together to uncover the evil power that killed Elena and threatens to overtake the town. What they discover is a vengeful ghost from the brothers past.

Dark reunion (1992)

Bonnie; a psychic living in Fells Church, dreams of the ghost of Elena Gilbert. Eventually, Bonnie and her friends realize a new evil has come to town and that they will need the help of the Salvatore brothers to stop it. Damon and Stefan put everything on the line as they battle an old and  powerful vampire, and are given the chance to see Elena again.

The Return (2007)

Nightfall (book 1)

Elena Gilbert has returned to the world, with a childlike mind and unusual powers, and the old rivalry for her love is stoked between the two vampire brothers once again. Stefan only wishes to protect her, while Damon is once again a threat, only this time it’s not of his own choosing. Something is influencing him, and festering in the woods outside of town.

Shadow Souls (book 2)

With Stefan captured and imprisoned in the spirit world, Elena must put her trust in Damon to help rescue him. But the two grow closer on their quest, forcing Elena to realize she doesn’t know which brother she loves anymore. The situation only becomes more dire as Elena’s friends follow her to the spirit world, and into terrible danger.

Midnight (book 3)

Returning from the dark dimension, Damon and Stefan are both changed. Stefan is desperately weakened by lack of blood and Damon is human; a condition he is determined to recover from. Now Stefan and Elena must save Bonnie, who has accidentally been dragged back into the dark dimension with Damon. And with them gone, a handful of their friends are the only ones left to protect Fell’s Church from evil forces.

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