The Vampire Chronicles


Interview with the Vampire

A young reporter listens to the story of a 200 year old vampire named Louis. Loius recounts how ,after wishing for death, he was made undead by the enigmatic vampire Lestat. His transition is a hard one, as he struggles with taking human life in order to survive and is constantly racked by guilt over what he has become. As the years pass Louis finds a daughter in the vampire child Claudia, and ponders the meaning of his existence and that of all vampires.

The Vampire Lestat

The story of the infamous Lestat de Lioncourt’s beginnings. The title vampire narrates his own autobiography after awakening in the 1980’s. Starting off life in the french countryside, a young Lestat de Lioncourt goes to Paris to become an actor, only to get himself bitten by Marius the vampire, and transformed into the arrogant and conceited vampire Lestat. He goes on through the centuries, searching for the origins of the undead.

Queen of the Danmed

Vampires around the world are being destroyed by a mysterious power. As the vampire coven gathers to decide what actions to take, Lestat awakens Akasha; the mother of all vampires, with his music. Akasha is the one who’s been killing the vampires, and plans to take over the world, with Lestat as her king. Now the vampires must stop their own Queen before it’s too late.

The Tale of the Body Theif

Tired of being immortal and alone, Lestat attempts unsuccessfully to destroy himself. He then meets up with a mortal who offers to solve his problem by switching bodies with him. But once human again, Lestat decides that he prefers being a vampire. Only the thief has run away with  Lestat’s body, and Lestat must find some way to get it back.

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